Joint PhD Program, Monash University & Chongqing University


There is an opportunity for joining the PhD program jointly sponsored by Monash University and Chongqing University. The PhD student will be mentored by two supervisors at Monash University and Chongqing University, respectively. The PhD degree will be awarded by Monash University.

Application Requirement: The applicant has earned a master degree from Chongqing University or will earn a master degree from Chongqing University in 2023.

Application Deadline: April 14, 2023.

Interested applicants please drop me an email at “”.

附件1. MSRI & JRI academic List and Profile 21 Feb 23.docx
附件2. Collaborative PhD Supervision Program合作培养博士项目申请表.docx
附件3. Monash联合培养博士生项目Q&A28Feb.23.pdf
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